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US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council (USCHT) former Co-Founders Sheila Armstrong and Rosemary McCormick announce that Richard Peterson, President of S&P Consulting, based in San Francisco, California, has purchased the organization. Peterson will serve as President & CEO of USCHT and Publisher of The Cultural Traveler guide effective July 1, 2018.

“After twelve years of successful operation of US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council and ten years publishing the award winning The Cultural Traveler guide, we believe there are tremendous opportunities to take this organization to a new level under Richard Peterson’s leadership,” stated Armstrong and McCormick. “We are excited by Richard’s vision for USCHT and committed to helping achieve his goals for growth.”

“Cultural & Heritage venues, events and historical sites express the heart and soul of every community. They are a core element of a destination’s brand identity; tapping into the human spirit, imagination, and curiosity – for visitors of all ages to experience.” said Richard Peterson. “I am very excited to lead USCHT forward, using Sheila and Rosemary’s great work as a foundation to build an even more dynamic resource for the members of the cultural and heritage tourism community.”

“A diverse USCHT partner program and member marketing assessment will be implemented over the coming year – with the goal of providing new tools and initiatives for USCHT members, while raising the profile of cultural and heritage venues and events as destination demand generators”, Peterson stated.

Richard has more than thirty years of tourism industry expertise in executive leadership, marketing, sales and project management. As the President of S&P Consulting – a tourism marketing and strategic planning firm in San Francisco, his passion for cultural attractions, museums and global travel is a central part of his business focus.

Over the past decade Richard has facilitated global product and brand launches for cultural organizations and destinations alike. This is bolstered by his ongoing engagements with numerous industry bodies including: US Travel Association, Visit California, California Travel Association, Brand USA, San Francisco Travel Association, New York State Travel Industry Association, and the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions, among others.​

Richard currently contributes his professional time with the California Travel Association – Board of Directors, and the ONE Travel Conference. He has also served as a guest lecturer for San Francisco State University’s Recreation & Hospitality Program, chaired the Golden Gate Park Cultural Collaborative, and speaks at numerous industry programs, such as the San Francisco Non-Profit Institute.

As President & CEO of USCHT, Richard will continue to serve on the Planning Committee for ONE Travel Conference for Shopping, Dining and Cultural Tourism which is presented annually by Shop America Alliance. He will also represent USCHT on the Shop America Alliance Advisory Board and the two organizations plan to continue future collaborations.


About US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council

US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council (USCHT) represents leading US tourism destinations, museums, cultural attractions and travel partners engaged in marketing US Cultural and Heritage to travelers from throughout the USA and around the world. The primary purpose of the organization is to market US Cultural and Heritage Tourism experiences to domestic and international visitors.

USCHT also publishes an annual guide, The Cultural Traveler, and conducts market research on the cultural and heritage traveler.

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Rosemary McCormick - former co-founder, USCHT
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Richard Peterson - President & CEO
US Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council
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