Jun 03, 2019



June 3, 2019 – San Francisco – The U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing Council (USCHMC) announces a new focus and direction, addressing the evolving needs and interests of travelers as well as addressing the changing landscape faced by cultural and heritage venues and events.

“It’s an exciting time to reposition the organization.  Putting a clear focus on Cultural & Heritage venues, events, and attractions will enhance the overall visitor experience and benefit local communities.” said Richard W. Peterson, President & CEO of USCHMC, “Our mission is to amplify the authentic arts, performance, heritage, historic, outdoor adventure and culinary experiences throughout the United States to the global traveler through integrated marketing, education and media programs.”

To reflect the strategic change, USCHMC has rebranded; introducing a new name, a new logo, a new print format, a new website, and a new annual engagement program for USCHMC Members.

Adjusting the name of the organization allows USCHMC to take a holistic approach towards the overall needs of the Cultural & Heritage supplier community instead of just focusing solely on tourism. USCHMC will focus on: raising the profile of the Cultural & Heritage attractions in destination marketing efforts, exploring and optimize business models, finding new ways to engage with Destination Management Organizations (DMOs), Regional and State level marketing agencies, and understanding the data behind modern and developing distribution channels.

The new logo for USCHMC draws on iconic American imagery. Stars appear in the Great Seal of The United States, as well as the U.S. national flag and more than half of the state flags. There are seven (7) stars in the logo, representing the seven pillars USCHMC will focus on: Arts, Culinary, Customs, Events & Festivals, Historical, Museums, and Nature. The colors of the stars were inspired by the colors described in the song “America the Beautiful.”  The positioning the stars as a constellation reflects the mission of USCHMC, creating a larger voice and presence for the Cultural & Heritage community by joining together.

2019 introduced a new look, feel, and format for the annual print publication The Cultural Traveler. In addition to the enhanced advertorial content, the new Cultural Traveler features extensive editorial content highlighting the seven pillars. Produced in collaboration with SagaCity Media, the 2019 edition chose ‘Trails’ as an over aching theme to curate and connect the diversity in America.

TheCulturalTraveler.com relaunched, reflecting the seven pillars and the new editorial content, providing consumers the opportunity to explore the many and diverse Cultural & Heritage attractions and venues across the United States and territories.

The first annual meeting of the USCHMC Advisory Council will be held this summer. This meeting will help set the tone, focus, and direction for USCHMC for 2020 and beyond. The Council is comprised of members representing state, regional, local, and individual interests.

USCHMC is affiliated with key industry organizations such as AIANTA, IGLTA, and California Travel Association. Peterson was recently appointed as a Director-at-Large on U.S. Travel Association’s Board of Directors.

For more information on USCHMC visit www.uschmc.com and for more information on The Cultural Traveler visit www.theculturaltraveler.com. To learn more about SagaCity Media visit www.sagacitymedia.com