Shackleton Thomas Workshop and Miranda Thomas Studio
  • Route 4
  • Bridgewater Vermont
  • United States
  • 802-672-5175

Visit Shackleton Thomas Workshop and Miranda Thomas Studio where exquisite and world-renowned furniture and pottery are made by hand, one by one, using traditional techniques. They are dedicated to the preservation of handmade traditions and retaining the human touch on their products.  Tour the Furniture & Pottery Workshops and see the gifted craftspeople at work.  You'll take home a handmade, hand-decorated piece of pottery as a memorable gift.

  • Made in Vermont

    Discover the craftsmanship and quality of Vermont’s leading artisans – Shackleton Thomas and Miranda Thomas. Learn more about its history and commitment to sustainability at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park and the Billings Farm and Museum.