Justin Morrill Homestead

  • 214 Justin Morrill Highway
  • Strafford Vermont 05072
  • 802-765-4484

A high school drop out at the age of 15 years, Justin Morrill opened the doors of higher education to millions of Americans. He retired as a gentleman at the age of 39 years to study architecture and gardening – and to build a charming 17 room gothic mansion. Retirement was short lived as he was soon elected to the U.S. Congress and later to the Senate. 

  • Historic Vermont

    The small state of Vermont boasts a rich historical heritage that is well preserved in an exceptional collection of State-owned historic sites stretching the length of the state. Ranging from prehistoric encampments to pivotal Revolutionary War sites, to the homesteads of U.S. Presidents and a prominent U.S. Congressman and Senator, Vermont’s historic sites chronicle the development of a state, its people and the nation around it. Pursue your interest in architecture, archaeology, military history, and social change through the lens of Vermont history.